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Selvy Anissa Ramadhani




Selvy has practiced in Digital Business and Technology (DBT) area for quite a long time. She has been involved in a number of highly dynamic DBT business operations. Her expertise encompasses not only matters in respect of compliance with the laws and regulations but also in specific technical issues in the area. She has frequently advised a number of local and multinational corporations notably in relation to a wide variety of DBT sector, which consists of  telecommunication (frequency spectrums, fiber optic, interconnection, tariff arrangement, content and so forth), satellite-based services, satellite insurance, IT solutions & transactions (big data, cloud computing, data centre, e-passport, software licensing, IT infrastructure and system to the arrangement of outsourcing and managed services), online & digital business (e-commerce, electronic payment system, online advertising, online auctions and gaming), privacy and data protection. She combines all of those experiences into legal advisory skill in formulizing and structuring strategies to engage business in Indonesia, establishing companies, administering licenses and corporate actions. 


Selvy has advised and assisted on the modification of our client group’s business portfolio, satellite operators based in United States in regard to Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) in Indonesia, advised a solution technology company to its business in Network And Application Service (NAS) solutions sector and advised on various business transactions of the first digital advertising exchange platform with real-time bidding in Indonesia. Selvy represented the leading internet service provider in the procurement of telecommunication submarine cable connecting Jakarta-Bangka-Batam-Singapore as well as the operation and maintenance of fiber optics.


University of Indonesia - (Bachelor of Law, with honors Cum Laude, 2012)


  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: Opportunities and Challenges in Mining Infrastructure in Indonesia.
  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: The Ambiguity of Licensing Frameworks in the Processing and Refining Business Operations Will Increase the Number of Constraints for Businesses in Implementing the In-Country Processing and Refining Policy.
  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: Indonesia’s Constitutional Court Decision: Reduce Conflicts with Indigenous Communities (Masyarakat Hukum Adat) or Be Prepared for Reduction in Legal Certainty For Businesses, Volume 35.
  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: Assurances Needed by Prospective Investors and Businesses in Mining Sector, Volume 34, 17 August-4 September 2013.
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  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: Amendment to Adjustment Cost Provision on Coal Benchmark Price are Expected to Contribute to the Increase in State Revenue and Further Development of National Shipping and Insurance Company, Volume 31, 25 May-22 June 2013.
  • Researcher in Coal Asia article: Opportunities and Challenges for Downstream Mining Industries, Volume 29, 22 March-22 April 2013.


Passed the national examination as advocate held by the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADI)


  • Member of the Telematics Society (MASTEL)
  • Member of Indotelko Forum
  • idNog



With years of experience under her belt, Selvy has demonstrated a high level of  professionalism when dealing with all cases. Furthermore, she is also qualified in handling intellectual property rights, real property, special economic zone, mining and natural resources matters.